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SNOM Phone Troubleshooting Methods

Basic Troubleshooting

It is always good to restart the HostedConsole application whenever is in doubt. Simply a restart to the HostedConsole

application may resolve the issues many times. To perform restart, a user may have to follow the steps below.

Note: If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled, then a user may have to run the Command Prompt as Administrator

A user has to make sure to verify certain things to troubleshoot the SNOM phone further.

Action URL Fields Missing

After setting up the SNOM phone successfully, a user needs to see couple of fields (filled automatically) in the Action URL section. If the fields are not filled (automatically) then it indicates that the SNOM phone is not configured correctly, in that case, a user needs to follow the instructions below.

No Screen Pop

Even after the configuration of SNOM phone (with proper instruction), if user is unable to see any “Screen Pop” on the HostedConsole application, then he/she may have to follow the steps below.

Cannot Manipulate Calls (Answer, Transfer etc.)

A user may come across to the situation where in he/she is unable to manipulate calls. In other words, keys like Answer or Hold or Transfer stops functioning. Under such scenario, user is required to verify the following settings in SNOM web interface.

  1. Login to the SNOM web interface using the correct credentials. For instance, if SNOM IP is, then user needs to open a web browser to and should supply the correct SNOM credentials - (Note: A user has to double check the SNOM credentials in case if the login fails).
  2. After successfully logged into the SNOM web interface, a user needs to verify the following features;
    • Use Hidden Tags – set to OFF
    • Allow CSTA Control – set to ON

Check the Log File

A user may have to follow the instructions below in order to check the Log files in SNOM web interface.

  1. Login to the SNOM web interface using its IP address
  2. Select Log from bottom left and perform the instructions below
    • Set the Log Level to 9 and click on Save
    • Send a call to the phone
    • Click the Log link again to refresh (don’t refresh the browser)
    • Trace for “could not access mini browser XML file” in the logs – this indicates that the SNOM phone communicate with the PC. This may be caused either due to Firewall or Network issue
  3. Select SIP Trace from the left and perform the instructions below
    • Clear the SIP Trace
    • Send a call to phone
    • Refresh the SIP Trace only
    • Trace for unexpected SIP Messages. For instance, “Do not Disturb” – this indicates the phone is in DND

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