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Clients Table
Client Details



Clients are managed under Organization > Clients

Creating a new client or editing an existing client will bring you to the Client Editor

Client Editor

The Client Editor is broken down into categorized sections related to the client.


Center The Center this client is based out of. A center must be specified for the client, so if the client does not have a specific home center, choose the most appropriate one.
Name The name of this client's company, e.g. ABC Company.
Greeting The greeting that will be said to callers by your call answering staff
Fax The client's fax number
Logo You can upload an image in any standard image format. This logo will be displayed on the client's screen in the console.


The client's physical address, e.g. their Home Address

Billing Codes

You can enter a client's printer code, fax code, long distance code, etc. here

Call Allowance

You can assign a call allowance to this client. This allowance can then be used at the end of the month to calculate overage/underage

Type Specifies the type of allowance, can be one of the following values
  • Not Billable - this client will not be included in Call Allowance calculations
  • Number of Minutes - Allowance is specified in minutes and calculations are made accordingly
  • Number of Calls - Allowance is specified in number of calls
Amount The number of minutes/calls allowed to this client

Billing Email Addresses

Specify the email address(es) where a client's invoice will be sent

Call Instructions

HTML field where you can specify instructions that your call answering staff will use while answering a client's calls


HTML field where you can specify information about this company, e.g. business hours, what they do, etc.

Screen Pops

A client can have multiple screen pops.

Each screen pop is a number/name used by the console when an incoming call is presented to determine which client screen to display.

Screen pops are typically specified as the last 4 digits of the client's main number, but this varies based on the type of phone system being used.

Evo Technologies will train your reception staff on the type of screen pop to enter for your specific phone system.

Number The digits (or text) for the screen pop, e.g. 4000
Call Box Color Specifies the color that the call box in the console will be. This can be useful for distinguishing different types of calls.
Greeting Color Specifies the color that the greeting bar will be for calls to this screen pop.
Contact You can specify the specific Contact in the company that will be shown by default for calls to this screen pop


You can specify additional hyperlinks that will be available in the console. This could be a client web page, a link to an order taking form or Google Calendar, etc.

Note: to link to a file on a share drive for example, the format of the URL is


For example


if the contact-list spreadsheet is located on the X drive in a clients\evo folder.

Custom Fields

Specify any additional information about the company that isn't available in the fields above. These custom fields are for information purposes only.


Tag this client with additional, searchable information. For more information, see Tags

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