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Contacts Table
Contact Editor


Contact Management

To manage contacts, go to Organization > Contacts

When creating a new contact or editing an existing, you will be taken to the Contact Editor.

Contact Editor


Client The client this contact is associated with. Every contact must be associated with a client.
First Name/Last Name The first and last name for this contact
Title The client's title, e.g. President
Override Company Greeting A specific greeting for this person that will override the greeting set at the client level when calls come in for this Contact.

Note: to make this work, when setting up a Client's screen pops, make sure to specify the Contact to display

Alert Special information for the client that is displayed prominently (red) in the console. E.g. "Out all week"

Checking Protect prevents this alert from being changed when doing bulk updates for alerts.

Status Long term information for the client, e.g. "works from home"

Checking Protect prevents this alert from being changed when doing bulk updates for alerts.

Emergency Instructions Emergency information for the contact, e.g. "Call his wife at 555-1212"
Location Information about this client's location, typically a suite/office #
Fax This contact's fax number
Photo You can upload a photo of this contact that will be displayed in the console

Email Addresses

You can specify all the email addresses that this contact has.

Note: Checking the Notify box tells the system to use this email address when sending out notifications. Leave this box empty if the client does not want to receive system notifications at the email address specified

Call Instructions

Information for receptionists that specifies call handling instructions for this particular contact


Additional information about this specific contact

Phone Numbers

You can specify any extensions, cell phone numbers, etc. that you will be able to transfer calls to in the console.

Name The name of this phone number, e.g. Ext, Cell, Home, VM
Number The digits to be dialed for this phone number, parentheses are OK, e.g. (555) 111-2222
Dialing Rule The dialing rule to be applied to this phone number, typically this is used for voicemail numbers.
Call Control Check this box if you want to be able to monitor the status of the client's phone in the console. This is only supported on certain phone systems, so ask Evo Technologies support before setting this.


Add any hyperlinks for this contact that will be displayed in the console. This might be a personal web page, a Linked In profile, or a Google Calendar.


Keywords are company specific, searchable, words that can be associated with a specific Contact. These will appear as a drop-down list in the Console that can be used to filter the list of associates.

Examples of keywords include Sales, Support, Emergencies, etc.

Custom Fields

Add any additional information about this contact, e.g. Birthdate, etc. This is for information purposes only.


Grants Client Portal access to this contact. You can specify the user name, password, and access rights.

Before assigning a login, you must create a client User Group


Specify any tags that are associated with this contact.

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