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Clients Table


Login Status

At the top right side of the screen, you will see the user you are currently logged in as.

Top Links

Below the login status, you will find quick links to the Console, Help, Account Settings, etc.

Search Everywhere

The Search Everywhere box allows you to quickly find a Client, Contact, Meeting Room etc.

To use the Search Everywhere box, start typing. Matching results will be displayed below the box along with links to the various actions available for the match (e.g. Edit, View, Schedule, etc.)

Pressing Enter in the Search Everywhere box will perform the default action for the first match, typically Edit.

Main Tabs

The main tabs in the image above are displayed in light blue with the currently selected tab displayed in gray.

Each tab leads to a section of the site related to the functionality for that tab.

Sub Tabs

Below the main tabs, are links to various pages related to the selected tab's functionality.


Throughout the HostedSuite web site, you will see tables displaying lists of items, e.g. Clients.

Each table is divided into the following sections

Commands Toolbar

The commands toolbar displays actions related to the selected items in the table, for example, you can delete the selected clients by clicking the Delete button.

The most common command are listed in the table below

Delete Deletes the selected items
Archive Archives the selected items
Tag Tags the selected items with the Tag selected from the list
Untag Removes the selected Tag from the selected items
Refresh Refreshes the grid
Print Opens a report of the selected items with the ability to Print or Export.

Column Headers

At the top of each column is the column header link. This link can be clicked to sort the column. Each click toggles between sorting in ascending or descending mode.

The arrow image displayed next to the column indicates the order of the currently sorted column.

Search Bar

The search filter bar is displayed above the data for the table. You can use the fields in the search bar to search for specific data.

Note: You must press Enter in text fields to search


Below the Seach Bar is the list of data in the current table. Links provided allow you to perform actions on that row, e.g. Edit.

Links with a dashed underline can be hovered with a mouse to display more information. For example the Tags column in the image above.

Summary Fields

Summary fields are displayed below the list of data. For example, in the image above the Total Records summary field displays the number of records matching the current query.

Table Navigation

The table navigation fields are displayed at the bottom left of the table.

You can use these to move to the next page of data or to specify the number of rows of data to be shown.

Item Status Filters

The Item Status filters show up at the bottom right of the table. These links allow you to specify the status of the items being displayed. For example, clicking the "deleted" link will show all Clients that have been deleted.

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