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The HostedConsole Installation Steps

Img1.JPG Pick a Computer

We require a Windows Based PC (XP+) to run the HostedConsole web server.

You should use a standalone PC but you can also just install this on any spare PC floating around.

Note: You only need to install HostedConsole on a single PC, not every operator PC. Its web based after all.

Download.JPG Download Pre-requisites

Before the installation of main HostedConsole, the following pre-requisite applications can be downloaded and installed from the link

  1. Dot Net Framework 3.5 (3MB)
  2. Dot Net Framework 4.0 (800K)
  3. Mongo Database Server (You may have to select either 32 Bit or 64 Bit (10MB) (depending on Operating System)
  4. HostedConsole Software (11MB)

After the installation of pre-requisites, click on HostedConsole link to download and install the HostedConsole


Browser.JPG Open Web Browser

Once the HostedConsole is successfully installed in the PC, a web browser gets opened automatically prompting user to supply the assigned credentials. Once logged in, a user has to click the Console link (visible on top right of the page) in order to select the desired extension to get connected to the Server.

Note: If web browser does not open automatically, then user has to type in http://localhost:21484 in address bar to log in to HostedConsole application.

The default HostedConsole Credentials are mentioned below.

Customer : Home

User Name : admin

Password : admin

Config.JPG Phone System Configuration

Now it’s time to configure the desired phone system in HostedConsole and the same is explained in “Configuration of Phone Systems” section.

Calls1.JPG Start Answering the Calls

After completion of all mandatory configurations in HostedConsole; now it’s time to start answering some calls.


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