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The HostedSuite operator console is used by your reception staff to quickly identify, answer, and transfer calls for clients that have their calls screened.

The thumbnail at the right shows the main console interface. The following sections will discuss each section of the operator console in more detail.

Logging In

To access the console, click the Console link at the top right.

If this is your first time logging into the console, it may prompt you to login again and then will ask you to specify which phone you are using.

Call Boxes

Console CallBoxes.png

The call boxes along the top of the screen show the active calls on the active phone.

The color of the call box reflects what state the call is in according to the table below

Color State Description
Gray Idle No call active. This is the default appearance of a call box that does not have a call assigned to it
Red Ringing The call is currently ringing and has not yet been answered.
Blue Connected This is the call you are currently active on. Any call commands (Hold, Transfer, etc.) will apply to this call
Green Transferring You are currently active on this call and transferring it to a third party.
Yellow Hold The call is currently on hold

Answering/Retrieving Calls

Calls that are ringing or on hold have a button with a checkbox icon. This button can be clicked to answer/retrieve the call.

Call Notes

To take notes for a call, e.g. to take down the caller's name, you can click in the "Click to take notes" box and type in some notes for the call


Below the call boxes is the Greeting bar. This will display the greeting for the currently selected client/contact.

If the screen pop for the call has been configured to display in a different color, the Greeting bar may have a different colored background.


Console Toolbar.png The toolbar provides buttons for all call control functionality.

The buttons on the toolbar will be disabled if they are not currently available

The following table provides a list of the buttons and their associated function

Button Description
Answer Answers the first ringing call.

If you are currently on a call, it will put the current call on hold and pick up the next ringing call.

If there are no ringing calls, it will pick up the first held call.

Hold Puts the active call on hold
Extension Button(s) These buttons provide single click access to transfer a call. The phone number button is for a supervised transfer and the green button next to it is for a blind transfer.
Connect Connects the caller with the client while transferring a call
Stop Trns. Disconnects the client and reconnects the caller while transferring a call
Dial a Phone Number You can dial a number and press Enter to call that number using this box. Note: clicking the green icon next to this box will do a blind transfer to the number entered
Charge This menu allows you to add a charge to the selected client's account
More > Test Call While in demo mode, you can use this button to simulate a call. Note used in production systems
More > Call History Opens up a tab with the call history report.
More > Scheduler Opens up a tab with the Scheduler
More > Charges Opens up a tab with the Charges table
More > Home Opens up a new browser tab to the HostedSuite home page. Useful for getting into the clients screen for making changes
More > Logout Logout of the console
More > Edit (Client) Opens up a tab for editing the selected client
More > Edit (Contact) Opens up a tab for editing the selected contact
More > Update Alerts/Statuses Opens up the bulk update screen so you can clear alerts, etc.
Lock Button Locks the screen so that new calls will not cause the window to pop
Clear Screen button Clears the currently selected client from the screen
DND button (shield icon) Shows the current DND/Night Mode status. Clicking this toggles DND/Night Mode on supported phone systems.

Search Boxes

Console Search.png

The search fields provided allow you to quickly search for a client or contact. The table below describes each search field

Field Description
Name Search for a contact in a company using either their first name or last name
Company Name Search for a client by their company name
Screen Pop Search for a client based on their DID
Email Address Search for a contact based on their email address
Tags Search for a contact based on tag

Client Information

Console Client Info.png

The client information area displays information for the selected contact/client.

Any phone numbers listed can be clicked to transfer directly. The green icon next to each phone number is used for a blind transfer similar to the toolbar.

Links to web pages, etc. can be clicked to open up a new tab in the console to the link provided. The world icon can be clicked to open the links in a new browser window.

Associates List

The list of associates at the right shows all of the contacts in the active company.

Clicking the hyperlink for the Contact name will display that contact's information

You can type in the "Search (Company Name)" box to search for a specific contact. Pressing Enter in the search box will select the first found contact.

BLF/Busy Status

On supported phone systems, a red bar will be displayed to the left of the contact's associate row indicating when this contact is on the phone. Please contact Evo Technologies regarding support for the BLF feature.

About Tab

The About Tab provides a larger viewing area for the selected Client/Contact's information. This can be useful when a client/contact has a large information field and you can't view it all on the main Client tab.

Companies Tab

Console Companies Tab.png

The Companies tab provides a rolodex for quick access to the various clients in the database.

Clients are grouped by the first letter in the company name.

Using the letter links at the top will take you to the appropriate section where you can click the specific company's name to activate their screen in the console.

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