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About the HostedSuite Server

The HostedSuite Server is a Windows service which communicates with your phone system and provides the console web pages.

The HostedSuite Server acts as a web server, but does not use IIS.

The server software itself takes up about 50 meg of disk space, but its local database can grow over time, so we recommend roughly 100GB of disk space on the PC.

HostedSuite Server Checklist

Please review this list before installing the HostedSuite Server


The links to the files required for the HostedSuite Server are below

Install the files in the following order

  1. .NET Framework 3.5
  2. .NET Framework 4.0
  3. Mongo Database - make sure you click the link for your specific processor (32bit or 64bit) Please note we no longer support installing Mongo on 32 bit machines. See below.
  4. IE Hotfix
  5. HostedSuite Server

You may also have to install files specific to your phone system. The table below contains links to runtimes for the various phone systems. If your phone system is not listed, then there is no runtime that must be installed on the HostedSuite Server prior to installation.

Cisco Call Manager 5.0 Download
Cisco Call Manager 5.1 Download
Cisco Call Manager 6.0 Download
Cisco Call Manager 7.0 Download
Cisco Call Manager 8.0 Download
Cisco CME Download


Once you have installed the HostedSuite server files, you can login to the HostedSuite Server at http://localhost:21483 from the server PC.

Next Steps

Updating HostedSuite Server

We constantly release updates to the server software.

To update your server, you simply login to the server and run the HostedSuite Server Software again. You do not need to uninstall anything. Just download and run and it will overwrite the old files.

NOTE: This will take your console down for the duration of the install.

Note on Mongo and 32-bit Machines

Please note that while you can technically install the Mongo database on 32 bit machines. We highly recommend against this. There are upper limits to the amount of data that can be stored with Mongo on x86 machines.

If you do proceed with installation on an x86 machine, you may reach this upper bound and find that the HostedSuite software will no longer let you login. Our support team will need to assist in cleaning the database at that point.

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