Intertel Compatibility

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NOTE: Intertel systems are now known as the Mitel 5000


HostedSuite connects to the Intertel (Mitel 5000) using the System OAI interface.

  1. For older Intertel systems, a serial cable is connected directly between the Intertel and the HostedSuite Server
  2. For IP based Intertel systems, HostedSuite connects directly to the Intertel via its IP Address

HostedSuite Configuration

Create a new Phone System in HostedSuite and use the following settings

Name Description
Type Intertel
Connection Type Pick Tcp Ip for IP systems and Serial for older Intertels
IP Address (for IP systems) The IP Address of the Intertel
Password The System OAI password on the Intertel (usually blank)
Port (for Serial systems) the COM port # on the HostedSuite server that is connected to the Intertel

(for TCP/IP systems this should be set to 4000)

Voicemail Extension (Optional) Specify the extension that the voicemail application is located at.

NOTE: Usually, HostedSuite is able to retrieve the voicemail pilot number from the phone system itself. If you are having problems transferring to voicemail, you may need to specify this manually using this field.

(Devices) Type Set to Console
(Devices) Number The extension of the phone that you want to monitor

Transfers to Voicemail

To transfer to voicemail on an Intertel system, create a new dialing rule and call it Voicemail. Set the template to $[NUMBER]

Then for the individual contacts, create a new phone number using that dialing rule and set the digits to their mailbox, e.g. 200.

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